Try to keep PAYG alive on the Internet. It often helps when prayer is just attempts, drought, agony, despair and confusion. May God really help you and bless you in your work. Christians, regardless of any denomination that happens to be the theological environment, need it.

Common Protestant Layman

I love pray as you go. I use it every morning on my way to work. It's great for busy schedules. I found pray as you go through the app ladaute (which the embedded feature currently works intermittently)


Listen to Pray as you Go every morning at around 4:30am. Wonderful......


PAYG is a website I use daily in order to remain connected to Jesus. This is my deepest desire. With PAYG I have developed a thirst to engage with Jesus through the brief scripture readings prepared by PAYG each day. I am by nature very responsive to music. So, the music provided is also very helpful to me in my prayer experience. I am grateful to those who work to produce PAYG. I applaud the use being made of the WWW to create such a tool for daily prayer. Again, I am grateful to you.


This gift you have given me is so wonderful and nourishing!

This prayer support site has come into my life just at the time that I was growing weary of my dry pray life. Thank you! Thank you! I love the voices that lead me and find the whole experience comforting.

God Bless you all,


mandy pyke