At times I feel my life is scattered even worthless, as it were.  Listening to the music, the readings, thoughts and the voices is so soothing, gentle, relaxing and sometimes inspiring.  A few sessions I specially reserve and go back listening to again and again as they translate exactly that part of my life.  By mere coincidence I was on the train coming home from London, reading a free newspaper when I discovered your website.  Maybe the great Divine showed me the light then, approximately two years ago.  Despite all sort of difficulties, being away from home and living a life full of uncertainties, I still believe there is Hope, thanks mainly to your website.  Thank you very much for your great work.  God Bless.


I am just an old hippie (61) that has finally seen the light, that Jesus does save.I have found a new commitment to prayer and just happen to stumble into your site.  I started to use Lectio Divina and your site has become part of my daily prayer life.  I love everything from the bells as the call to prayer to the help from the questions that stimulate my thought process. I access your site at 10:PM every evening and find it a peaceful and filling way to end my day.  I intend to use my mp3 player when I am out of town.  I have even thought of taking it to my men's Bible study to share with the guys.  Thank you very much for this outreach to the world. I pray that many more find this site and most importantly that they find salvation in Christ.  I am not a Catholic and find it most exciting when believers come together for the cause of Christ.  May God bless you and your effort. 

Ray Peterman from Massillon, Ohio

I bought my first iPod and started looking at podcasts to download last month.  I stumbled upon your site and and so elated with what I found.  As a Benedictine oblate form St Mark's Abbey in Camperdown, Victoria I am used to daily times for prayer and meditation.  But when I found this site I thought I had reached heaven itself.  Your daily podcasts are quite simply profound and I wake each morning and wecome the day with you and God.  It is so heartening to read all the other responses made by others around the world who, like me, listen daily to our little iPods with reverence and joy.  Thank you so very much for providing this vital service. 

Jan Harris from Victoria, Australia

I'm relatively new to pray as you go.  It's exactly what I was looking for.  I found it on itunes.  I use it every morning when I wake up.  It's the first thing I do when I wake up.  It's perfect.  I'm able to focus and it's a great way to start my day.  I love the music in the beginning.  I usually listen through the whole podcast then listen to the music one more time at the end.  Love it! Love it! Love it! 

Kathleen from Seattle

First of all a big thanks to all who work on producing this professional, high-quality podcast - for free!  I live in Japan and we Catholics make up only about 0.5% of the population, therefore unlike in my native Bavaria there are no reminders in daily life which invite you to pray.  I especially miss the sound of church bells and the churches, but since a friend introduced me to this podcast about 6 months ago I once again started praying on a daily basis.  I usually listen to it just before going to bed and often re-read the passage from the Bible first thing in the morning.  I have also introduced some of my Japanese, non-Christian friends and colleagues to it and some of them also listen to it on a daily basis.  I wonder if your team realises what great missionary potential this podcast has!  Thanks again and all the best wishes from the far east. 

Alex Zech