I just found your iTunes podcast site and I think it is great.  Also it is very well done.  The music, the text, a question, and then a re-reading.  Very simple.  Very moving.  And I am a religious Jew, and still I find your site one of the best out there!  I have not been exposed to the New Testament, in a long time so I feel that it is a great way to learn.

Jay Ledner

I am 34 years old and a very regular listener.  Less frequently I listen to Father Roderick's podcast (Daily Breakfast).  From there I found other podcasts, including yours.  I use it at work while programming.....;-), working in the garden.  But, and for this I am very grateful, I by now especially see Pray-as-you-go as an important tool in my spiritual development.  Next to my daily routine this means that whenever I create time for reflection, I regularly start with some episodes of Pray-as-you-go.  For me going in this case is spiritual...not physical.  I have found it a wonderful experience.....  love, peace and well-being guaranteed after listening to Pray-as-you-go!, thank you..... !

Christian from Spa, Belgium

I just wanted to write and thank you for Pray-as-you-go.  I have been ill for the last five years with ME or CFS (different people call it different things).  I am a Christian, but have been unable to go to church in all that time because of my condition.  At first, I would go through the daily office every day and also do some intercession, but even that got too much for me.  I also lost my ability to read all but the shortest of passages, and so my bible reading stopped at that time too.  I was in something of a wilderness until a friend of my told me about Pray-as-you-go.  It is perfect for me, as it is not too long and there is a bible reading every day.  I find that having it read twice is very helpful, as my mind does not work or retain things as well as it ought.  So I am just writing this to encourage you to continue to do this wonderful work.  You don't know how much it means to people like me.  It is my only act of worship and without you, there would be none, as indeed, there was before my friend introduced me.  I am making a donation today as a token of my gratitude.

Tracy Smith

I first found out about Pray-as-you-go from Rob Marsh SJ at his blog, All Things Seen and Unseen, and I've been listening since the first week you started!  I listen to it on my drive into work, and am always pleased with the production - the music, the speakers, the reflections, and the meditations.  Thanks for this wonderful ministry. 

Steve Bogner from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA is author of the blog, Catholicism, Holiness and Spirituality.

Steve Bogner