I would like to thank you for the service you provide.  There are times when I wish to sit back and be led through my private worship of God.  You help me do this and with the added benefit of beautiful music.  If I could add I really enjoy the music when the words are in English as I find it more meaningful being English speaking.  I say this because I was so impressed with the St Patrick's prayer sung today (24th August).  Thank you. 

David Barbour

I'm a newcomer to broadband and a non-catholic friend talked me through itunes/PAYG sign up over the phone!  I couldn't be happier with my morning ritual of tuning in, volume raised, sitting in my 'meditation' chair across the room and listening to each days opening talk, music, queries and the universal Glory Be at the end.  Your readers have beautiful voices and the variety of music is wonderful.  My next purchase will be an MP3 player/ipod so I can listen to you on morning or evening walks as well!  Thanks to you and to my good friend, Cynthia! 

Donna Kimbell

I work in a Jesuit university and learned about PAYG from a Jesuit friend.  Since then I have always downloaded the prayers in my mp3 player and prayed during my early morning walks.  The music and the guided reflection always help me in my prayer.  Thank you so much for this ministry.  I have printed the posters and posted them in the faculty workroom and invited friends to the web site.  I hope you will continue this wonderful work.  God bless you all.  Muchisimas gracias! 

Aldrin Hitalia

I would like to say thank you for pray as you go.  I found pray as you go by searching the internet for Ignatius of Loyola, of whom you can find a huge painting in my favourite church in Munich (St Michael).  I use pray as you go in the evenings.  After a long day of working, studying and socializing, Pray as you go helps me to calm down and to focus on the most important again.  It actually brings me down to earth.  Thanks again! 


I download "Pray as You Go" on my iPod.  Last summer before our family was going to go to Hawaii, I was on the Sacred Space website, wishing there was a way I could do daily meditation on scripture while I was away, and then I saw the link to Pray as You Go.  I felt to blessed to have this daily meditation while overlooking the ocean.  As a busy mom that is always on the go, this is convenient for me to listen to after I drop off the kids to school.  Pray as you Go has been a blessing to me.