Love the daily meditations on Mass readings. Tonight, was inspired to listen to the Stations of the Cross while doing laundry, rather than an instructional-type podcast. "Stations" was the better choice. In tears at "Jesus is Laid in the Tomb." Thank you for such an excellently produced prayer aid. May the Lord bless you all abundantly, as we listeners are blessed by your efforts.

Lisa in Wisconsin

I enjoy Pray as you go usually in the early morning. THANKS.


Pray as You Go has become a part of my daily spiritual practice. It forces me to quiet my mind and heart on a singular focus, God. In a day and age abuzz with busy, this time has been incredibly beneficial to my spiritual life.


Excellent. Accessible. Huge choice. The Holy Spirit's online residence. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I always deeply respond to your daily prayers, but the Novena that is playing now is beyond beautiful. It makes me cry everyday. I hope it stays up for awhile so I can listen many times. Thank you for the work you do.